CrimeLine Assist – Our Unique Legal Assistance Service

On an entirely complimentary basis, we can offer assistance with legal queries relating to criminal law in the context of ongoing legal cases (England & Wales). These range from simple requests to find cases or add new ones to our database, to asking for short opinions on legal and billing issues.

SCOPE: We do not assist with civil law practice and procedure (including criminal causes and matters in the High Court and above, for example case stated and judicial review), extradition law, prison law, student or academic related queries*.

Think of it as an ‘ask a colleague’ service.

CrimeLineAssist uses a secure encrypted platform and queries are dealt with in complete confidence. We delete closed tickets after 11 months and reserve the right to delete them at any time without notice.

To use the service, select CrimeLineAssist from the menu bar.

*This is not a full legal research service, nor is it intended to provide answers that users ought to be easily able to locate for themselves by consulting practitioner texts.

This service may be restricted or withdrawn at any time and is subject to fair use.

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