A brief history

CrimeLine began life in 2001. As word spread the reader list grew and CrimeLine quickly became synonymous with the production of speedy, accurate and relevant legal updates. Training courses and consultancy followed, as did a Lawyer of the Year Award for its creator, Andrew Keogh.

Whilst the company has now grown beyond all recognition, our values remain the same. We speak to our customers, respond personally to their emails, and listen very carefully in order to ensure we produce content that lawyers want to read.

Our flagship product, CrimeLine Complete, is challenging conventional delivery and pricing models and provides what lawyers want, at a price they can actually afford. Get in touch to find out more.

Rossi Keogh – Chief Executive
Rossi is a solicitor and in overall charge of operations and business development. Rossi has steered the business from being a small niche provider of training to one of the largest training and knowledge providers for lawyers in the UK.

Andrew Keogh – Head of Content

Andrew was admitted as a barrister in 1994 and combines practice with his editorial oversight role at CrimeLine, in overall charge of content development and quality. He has edited CrimeLine Updater since its inception and has written or contributed to over a dozen leading criminal law texts including Blackstone’s Criminal Practice.

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